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Throw a Killer Slumber Party with KFC


School is in full swing, kids are busy with schoolwork, afterschool clubs, hobbies, and athletics. Children all around are reacquainting with old friends and making new ones. What better way to reignite those friendships than with a slumber party?

Conundrum – Mom and dad have been busy at work all week and are feeling too tired to cook.

Solution – CaterKFC!

Instead of the same boring pizza delivery, have CaterKFC serve up some yummy fried chicken, creamy mashed potatoes and gravy, cole slaw, and green beans. Wash the crispy goodness down with fresh lemonade or cold ice tea and finish the evening off with moist chocolate chip cookies, decadent chocolate chip cake, or citrusy lemon cake. To make sure you are the hostess with the mostess, follow these simple tips and make your next slumber party the neighborhood hit.

Theme it up

Create a fun theme. Dress up as your favorite superhero, Harry Potter character, or even as the Colonel himself. Whatever you choose; make it fun, creative, and include wacky props.

Plan guest list and invitation

After a theme is set, decide how many friends to invite.

Next, design invitations. Make them extra special with your party theme and distribute them via email, snail mail, Facebook, text and certainly face-to-face. Include any essential information like what to bring, when to arrive and leave, and most importantly your address. Maps are always helpful.

Make a list

Finally, make a list of everything you will need for the party. Before ordering your menu from CaterKFC, check-in with guests for any dietary restrictions or food allergies.

Be a considerate host

When your guests arrive, politeness goes a long way. Explain where to place their belongings; i.e. coats, shoes, and sleeping bags. Then, offer your guests a sweet iced tea or lemonade from CaterKFC and give them a tour of your home.

After chowing down a catered KFC meal, burn some calories with a fun dance party or pillow fight.

If everyone is too full for activity, break out the video games instead.

Quick tip: ask guests to bring extra controllers just in case.

Camera ready

With these tips, you are sure to have an awesome slumber party that is memorable. Capture those memories with snap photos or videos of your friends acting silly and eating KFC chicken and biscuits. Get parents involved to take pictures of everyone including yourself.

Get some rest

Have yourself a merry little slumber party and try to fit in some ZZZs so the next day doesn’t completely pass you by.

caterKFC.com is an online catering ordering site for a franchise of KFC. The franchise, KBP Foods, owns KFCs in multiple states, including Nebraska, Iowa, Missouri, Georgia, Florida, Texas, Virginia and North Carolina. To learn more about KBP Foods, please visit our company website at www.kbp-foods.com. Please contact KFC Cater at 1-888-532-2283 to talk to a KFC Catering Expert.

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by admin / 0 comments / October 15, 2014

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