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The Night of CaterKFC


‘Twas the night of the feast, when all through the kitchen;

Not a hostess was cooking, not even Chef Michelin.

CaterKFC meals were placed on the table with care;

In hopes that guests’ stomachs wouldn’t be in despair.

The homestyle sides were nestled snug with warm biscuits;

While passersby scooped them up praising (with full mouths), “Yum, that’s de-wish-is.”

When back in the kitchen arose such a clatter;

It was the colonel himself, stirring his signature KFC Original Recipe

More rapid than eagles is click delivery;

To indulge all your guests with CaterKFC meals both sweet and savory.

Diners whistled and shouted and called them by name:

Now Green Beans, Now Gravy, Now Macaroni and Cheese;

On Cole Slaw, On Corn, On Mashed and Potatoes.

To the plates of party-goers, to the depths of the belly;

Such rich flavors as these is surely a felony.

As guests drew in sharp breaths and went back for more;

Untitled1Soft, chocolate chip cookies appeared through the door!

A blink of the eye and quick hands to the plate;

Every morsel was taken, they’re really that great.

And away diners went when the feast was complete;

But we heard them exclaim as they rose to their feet;

CaterKFC for all, and to all a good bite!

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by admin / 0 comments / December 22, 2014

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